Phantasy Star Online 2 is kicking off its ARKS Unity Festival 2015 event in Japan. The event will begin on January 14th and last until March 15th, and will add new content to the game, including a new limited quest. (Thanks, PSU Blog)


The limited quest will feature enemies such as Dragon-kin, Mechs, Oceanids and the Dark Vibrace. Another aspect of the event will be Xie’s limited client orders and a FUN shop, where you’ll be able to spend FUN Points to acquire weapon camos from the previous Unity Festival event.


Additionally, Extra Hard difficulty (which requires players to be level 70) will be available for the Mining Base: Intrusion and Mega Mecha Awakening quests. Finally, some of the new hairstyles being added to the game will allow you to set two different hair colours at the same time.


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