Balance changes and new feature are headed to Phantasy Star Online 2. Sega have posted a list of these on the game’s official website, and fansite Phantasy Star Fan Blog, has translated them for convenient reading. Here are a few of the highlights:


  • Request: Lower the experience requirements for levels 41+
  • Staff’s comment: Requirements will be lowered. Measures for the experience points to not go to waste in case of already high level characters will be necessary.
  • Implementation date: Beginning of November


  • Request: Increase the drop rate of Rare Items in Very Hard Quests
  • Staff’s comment: Drop rate of 7-9 star items will be increased. Additionally, since the appearance rate of Rare Enemies will be increased, the drop rate of 10 star items will be automatically increased as well.
  • Implementation date: Beginning of November


  • Request: Make Techers stronger
  • Staff’s comment: Performance of Wands and Techer specific skills will be increased.
  • Implementation date: Beginning of November


  • Request: Allow us to download big game updates in parts beforehand
  • Staff’s comment: It will be possible to optionally download the updates beforehand. A system allowing to play while downloading an update will also be introduced.
  • Implementation date: Middle of December


More of these requests and corresponding fixes can be viewed at the link to the Phantasy Star Fan Blog above.


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