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Phantom Breaker Was Going To Have A Female Gang Member Character


A year after its Japanese release, Phantom Breaker is being released in North America by Southpeak Interactive and their new subsidiary, 7Sixty. Since the game is out next month, We got in touch with Phantom Breaker director, Sakari Masaki, to ask him a few questions about how the game was developed.


One of the questions we asked Masaki was about elements that were left on the cutting room floor. Phantom Breaker has several instantly identifiable Japanese character archetypes like a kunoichi (female ninja), a maid, a magical girl, a priestess, and so on. Were there any others planned that never made it into the final game?


Indeed, there were, Masaki shared with Siliconera.


“In Japan there are girl gangs known as ‘LADIES’,” Masaki says. “They like to put cigarettes in their mouth and pose with baseball bats that have nails hammered through them. It looks very cool but most of the anime otakus wouldn’t like to see this, so we decided to cut it out.”


Phantom Breaker will be released on March 6th for the Xbox 360. We’ll publish our full interview with Masaki in the near future.


Note: No, that banchou/yankee Hatsune Miku was not the character they had in mind. 

Ishaan Sahdev
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