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Pistols And Gatling Guns In Feudal Japan? Yep, It’s Yakuza All Right


When Yakuza series protagonist Kazuma Kiryu isn’t fighting local Kabukicho thugs after being accused of stepping on their shoes, he takes on the roles of Ryoma Sakamoto and Hajime Saito in Yakuza Restoration. This week’s Famitsu magazine shares the latest details on the game’s system and weaponry.


In Yakuza Restoration, the character level and style will be two different things. By increasing your style, you’ll get to acquire spirits and enhance your abilities.


Famitsu also say there will be special weapons that include swords, guns, long swords, spears and cannons. As far as armor goes, there will be equipment for your head, chest and arm.


In our earlier report, it was revealed that Yakuza Restoration will have RPG features such as weapon forging, and according to the magazine report, there will be modifications like pistol silencers and even Gatling guns.


Yakuza Restoration will be coming out on February 22nd, 2014 in Japan.

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