Ignition Entertainment have a “lite” role-playing game of sorts coming to the Nintendo eShop soon, this one developed by Dementium and Mutant Mudds developer, Renegade Kid. Titled Planet Crashers, the game is a dungeon RPG with a turn-based battle system.


You start out with a customizable character, then take on assignments from in-game characters or quest boards. Doing this takes you to a dungeon, and completing quests earns you gold and experience that you can use to buy items or acquire skills.


As you play through the game, you travel to different planets, taking on quests on each one, until you finally have to stop some evil entity from snuffing out the sun.


Planet Crashers will be released for the Nintendo 3DS via the Nintendo eShop on July 26th for $10. Like Order Up!!, this game was originally intended to be a retail title, but is now listed as an eShop game.



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