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Platform-Fighter Rivals of Aether’s Two New Characters Are Averse To Falls



    Dan Fornace has revealed two new characters for his upcoming 2D platform-fighting game Rivals of Aether in a new trailer. You can check it out above.


    As you’ll see in the video, the first of these new fighters is a wind-based fighter called Wrastor. Also being a bird, as well as a fierce graduate from the military classes of the Air Nation, Wrastor’s charge attacks are all performed in the air. He’s also able to jump four times in the air, meaning that he’s especially good at getting out of tough falls.


    The other character is an earth-based Kragg, who is trained in combat through being the defender of the Aetherian Forest. Kragg’s special moves include throwing rocks at opponents, curling up into a spiky ball and travelling at high speed, and summoning a pillar of rock underneath his feet which is great for avoiding falls.


    So far, there have been four character reveals for Rivals of Aether. The character page shows that there’s still at least one more yet to come. So be my guest if you’d like to take a guess as what kind of fighter they may be.


    Rivals of Aether is due to be released on PC and Xbox One in 2015.

    Chris Priestman

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