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Rivals Of Aether Revealed For Nintendo Switch At Super Smash Con

By Alistair . August 13, 2019 . 8:30am

Rivals of Aether, the indie platform-fighter which has been around since 2015, was officially announced for Nintendo Switch yesterday by creator Dan Fornace.

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Indie Platform-Fighter Rivals Of Aether Coming To Steam Early Access This Month

By Chris . September 9, 2015 . 4:30pm

It’ll have limited features but will allow for local and online multiplayer at least.

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The Two New Rivals Of Aether Characters Specialize In Agility And Deception

By Chris . July 5, 2015 . 3:28pm

Maypul uses vines to move around with speed while Forsburn covers the arena in smoke to move about unseen.

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Platform-Fighter Rivals of Aether’s Two New Characters Are Averse To Falls

By Chris . December 10, 2014 . 4:00pm

Rivals of Aether got two new character reveals, and they’re both going to be tough to push off the stage.

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Super Smash Bros. Inspired Rivals Of Aether Is Coming To Xbox One

By Chris . October 7, 2014 . 4:00pm

Dan Fornace has announced that his Super Smash Bros. inspired 2D platform fighting game Rivals of Aether is coming to Xbox One.

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Rivals Of Aether Is Like Pokémon Plus Super Smash Bros. In 2D

By Eugene . July 10, 2014 . 2:45pm

If Pokemon, Super Smash Bros. and pixelart combined forces, the result might be Rivals of Aether.

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