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The Two New Rivals Of Aether Characters Specialize In Agility And Deception



Two more characters for upcoming platform-brawler Rivals of Aether have been revealed in a new trailer.


The first is the self-appointed Guardian of the Aetherian Forest, Maypul. She uses leaf and plant-based attacks to restrict and hit opponents from afar. Her special moves include marking opponents with Seeds, wrapping them in plant tendrils to follow up with strong attacks, and using vines to swing quickly over distances to close up gaps or appear behind foes.


The second character detailed in the trailer is the “exiled flame” Forsburn, who specializes in smoke attacks. He’s especially effective at deceiving opponents. His special attacks include a smoke screen that obscures the arena, hatching a smoke-based decoy of himself that disappears upon taking a hit, and consuming his own smoke clouds to charge up to use his Down Special twice in a row.


Rivals of Aether is heading to PC and Xbox One. It’s also now on Steam Greenlight looking for votes.

Chris Priestman