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PlatinumGames’ New Figurines Are Inspired By “Visions Of Platinum’s Future”



PlatinumGames is attending the 2020 Wonder Festival in Japan this weekend. Wonder Festival, or WonFes for short, is a bi-annual gathering of figurine creators and collectors, and Platinum is bringing a number of original figurine, which they plan on promoting at the show.

Among these is a line of figurines dubbed “Future Heroes,” which PlatinumGames describes in a blog post as “all-new characters inspired by visions of Platinum’s future”. Take a look at them below, along with comments from their creators.


Designed and sculpted by Hiroshi Fukuoka

Material: Cast UV Resin Kit

Price: 18,000 yen

Creator’s comment: “Tsukuyomi is a machine built in humankind’s image, with a design inspired by a Japanese legend about a rabbit that lives on the moon. I put particular care into combining and contrasting organic and inorganic materials in her construction. Thanks to digital sculpting, I was able to achieve really intricate details, even on the insides of her clothes! But if I had to say what truly makes Tsukuyomi a PlatinumGames character, well… Just look at her from behind.”


Smith Reaper:

Designed by Tomoko Nishii

Sculpted by Yoshikaze Matsushita

Material: Resin

Height: Approx. 15 cm / 6 inches

Price: 13,000 yen

Creator’s comment: “Take a blacksmith and the grim reaper and mix them together, and you’ve got Smith Reaper. My main goal was to simply design a figure that I wanted for myself. I’m especially proud of how the space around her hips and the details in her artificial limbs turned out. I hope you’ll get to hold her in your hands and see for yourself.”



Designed by Tetsuya Maeda

Sculpted by Ajay Pandey

On display only – not for sale

Creator’s comment: “Kai108 is a sci-fi garbage collector. My favorite parts of his design are his fluorescent, transparent coat (so that he and his fellow garbage collectors can see each other, even in low-visibility settings), and the mechanical arm unit on his back that allows him to carry as much as he needs to. I tried to give him a deep-sea-creature-y sort of creep factor. If he bugs you out a little bit, mission accomplished.”

[Editor’s Note: Kai looks like he was put together using a Star Wars Stormtrooper helmet, which might explain why he isn’t up for sale.]


Platinum Man:

Designed and sculpted by Yoshikaze Matsushita

Material: Resin

Height: Approx. 16 cm / 6 inches

Price: 10,000 yen

All of the Future Heroes figurines are sold in limited quantities as unassembled and unpainted garage kits, so purchasers that manage to get their hands on one will need to put it together themselves.

Whether these designs are just fun one-off ideas that PlatinumGames is playing around with, or if they’re ideas for characters that could show up in a future game by the studio remains to be seen. What is interesting is that the blog post introducing them is written by Masaki Yamanaka, who directed Anarchy Reigns, worked as a designer on The Wonderful 101, and currently serves as the leader of PlatinumGames’ IP Development division.

Wonder Festival will take place on February 9th in Chiba, Japan. More images of these figurines can be found at the PlatinumGames blog.


Ishaan Sahdev
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