PlayStation and Saturn Watches to Appear in Capsule Toys

playstation watches

Watches in the shapes of the PlayStation or Sega Saturn will appear in capsule toy machines in Japan from mid-February 2022. It will cost 400 JPY (approximately $3.50) per spin. There are four variations of watches to collect: the Sony PlayStation and PS One, and the Sega Saturn and Saturn White. [Thanks, Netolabo!]

These watches are functional digital watches. The face is inside of the disc drive, along with a game logo. Just like how there are four types of retro consoles, the watches also have different games. In the PlayStation watch, there is Arc the Lad, while the PS One watch has Everybody’s Golf. Meanwhile, the Sega Saturn has Virtua Fighter 2 and the Saturn White has Sakura Wars 2.

Here are some more pictures of the PlayStation and Sega Saturn watches:

While the console wars were initially between Sega and Nintendo, Sony’s appearance in 1994 with the PlayStation ended their conflict. Many players who did not initially purchase a PlayStation did so after the release of Final Fantasy VII, which increased Sony’s advantage. Franchises released during this time, such as Virtua Fighter and Final Fantasy, are still alive even decades later.

The PlayStation and Sega Saturn digital watches will appear in capsule toy machines in Japan from February 2022.

Stephanie Liu
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