As of June 30th, 2012, the PlayStation Vita had sold 2.2 million units worldwide, Sony have revealed to CVG. Prior to this figure, the last worldwide sales update on the Vita was at the end of March, when Sony announced that the system had sold 1.8 million units worldwide.


Doing the math, this means that the Vita sold 400,000 units worldwide during Sony’s first fiscal quarter (the April – June period). For the full fiscal year, which ends on March 2013, they hope to sell 12 million units of PSP and Vita combined, worldwide.


On the subject of the PSP, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe CEO, Jim Ryan, pointed out that Sony still have “a significant PSP business in many markets”. In fact, the PSP has been outselling the Vita globally at a ratio greater than 2:1.


Sony still have hope for the future of the portable device, however, expecting a Christmas line-up highlighted by Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation and Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified to help move Vita systems this year.


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