Pokemon Eevee Becomes Big in This Posable Plastic Model


Bandai will release a 20 centimeter (roughly 8 inches) tall plastic model of the Pokemon Eevee in September 2021. There is a total of 30 parts for you to easily put together this posable Eevee figure. It will cost 3520 JPY (around $32.57).

Though the Eevee figure requires you to assemble it yourself first, there are only 30 parts and each part is fairly big. The target audience is children ages six and above, so the difficulty level is low. As well, you will not need tools that more complicated plastic models require such as pliers or glue. The Eevee figure’s eyes use clear plastic to give it a more translucent and shining impression. In addition, the tongue and paws use a softer material. Eevee’s ears, head, paws, and tail are all movable for you to create different poses.

Eevee is the second entry in the Pokemon Plastic Model BIG collection by Bandai. Earlier this year, they released the BIG Magikarp figure. Upcoming Pokemon plastic models, though more normal in sized, include Piplup (April 2021) and Greninja (July 2021). Though they aren’t plastic models, other Pokemon merchandise from Bandai include the Gengar cushion and scale figures of Steven and Metagross.

The Pokemon Plastic Model BIG Eevee figure will be available in September 2021.

Stephanie Liu
Stephanie is a Canadian writer, translator, anime fan, and gamer. She only exhibits her true power at night.