Pokemon GO Mega Evolution Feature Will Launch August 27, 2020

pokemon go mega evolution

The Pokemon GO Mega Evolution feature has been dated. People will be able to collect Mega Energy to temporarily Mega Evolve certain characters for a limited time starting on August 27, 2020. The first four Mega Evolutions to appear in the game will be Beedrill, Blastoise, Charizard, and Venusaur. [Thanks, Polygon!]

Here’s how things will work in the game. Once the feature is added, you’ll be able to find and participate in Mega Raids at gyms. Taking part in those fights against Mega Beedrill, Mega Blastoise, Mega Charizard, and Mega Venusaur will give you their respective Mega Energy and a chance to fight the normal version of all four characters. When you have collected enough, you can Mega Evolve one applicable Pokemon in your collection.

While all the details haven’t been revealed, Niantic did confirm a few facts. You can have one Mega Evolved Pokemon with you at a time, and it won’t permanently remain in that form. It can be used in battles and appear with you, but can’t be left to defend a gym or used in Battle League. After evolving it, they will be more powerful than before and also will require less energy after that first Mega Evolution to regain the Mega form. Also, there will be Mega Evolution Research Tasks coming soon.

Pokemon GO is available for Android and Apple iOS devices. Pokemon GO Mega Evolution will appear starting on August 27, 2020. Also, as a reminder, Porygon and Charmander will be Community Day Pokemon soon.

Jenni Lada
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