Shiny Corsola and Special Okinawa Pikachu to Appear in Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go Okinawa Pikachu Shiny Corsola

To celebrate the launch of the Pokemon Air Adventures, a Pokemon themed travel service, Pokemon Go will see the addition of a special Okinawa Pikachu and shiny Corsola. Players will be able to obtain both of these special variants starting June 22, 2021. Additionally, there is currently no planned time limit for shiny Corsola. However, the unique Okinawa Pikachu will only be able to obtain if you are in Okinawa. The official Pokemon Go website also states that this unique costumed Pikachu will only be available to obtain for roughly “over a year.” [Thanks, Game Watch!]

This new costumed Pikachu in Pokemon Go is exclusive to Okinawa due to the opening of Pokemon Air Adventures. This new travel service is based out of Okinawa and features a Pikachu themed plane, along with various Pokemon themed amenities within the aircraft. The costumed Pikachu is wearing a kariyushi shirt.

Additionally, shiny Corsola will appear in Pokemon Go. Unlike the new costumed Pikachu, the appearance of this Pokemon will not be time sensitive. However, shiny Corsola will only appear in specific regions. The official Japanese website for Pokemon Go states that Corsola will only be available in warm regions like Okinawa. The global website does not have the same specification.

Pokemon Go is immediately available for Android and iOS. Other unique costumed Pokemon variants have included Halloween themed Gengar and Sableye, which released in October 2021.

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