People Will Be Able to Earn Pokemon GO PokeCoins at Home

pokemon go pokecoins

Changes are coming to the way you can earn Pokemon GO PokeCoins. Developer Niantic had already made some adjustments to the game, in order to help players stay within social distancing guidelines and still enjoy the game. Now, a seemingly permanent structural shift is happening to give players more chances to earn Pokemon GO‘s premium currency for free.

Originally, Pokemon GO PokeCoins could only be earned through defending gyms, meaning you had to capture a gym then hold onto it for at least an hour. That’s still going to be the case, although the number of winnings is being reduced from six coins an hour to two. In exchange, players will get daily tasks, and clearing those tasks will net them PokeCoins as rewards.

A list of example tasks was provided in the announcement, which includes simpler objectives such as evolving a Pokemon, making a “Nice” throw, or taking a snapshot. Tougher tasks will be included as well, such as winning a raid. Completing these missions will net players five coins, and the maximum cap for daily free coins will be increased to 55.

Initial testing for these changes will be rolled out in Australia, and only in Australia. After testing and changes to respond to feedback, Niantic will roll the Pokemon GO PokeCoin changes out to everyone else. No specific dates or times were provided in the announcement.

Pokemon GO is available for compatible iOS and Android devices.

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