Pokemon GO PvP Will Arrive In December 2018




Back on November 30, 2018, we got our first look at Pokemon GO PvP. Now, Niantic has offered a launch window for the new feature and offered details on how battling other players will work. People will be able to fight people who are in the same Battle League as them locally and go online to face off against their Ultra and Best Friends.


In Pokemon GO, people will need to choose their Battle League and teams to determine who they can compete with and keep things fair. The Great League has a 1,500 Max CP limit per Pokemon, Ultra League has a 2,500 Max CP limit, and Master League has no limitations. You set a team of three Pokemon before a fight. Then, you fight against your opponent in real-time. Once you find a fight, you scan a Battle Code QR code to start the challenge. (You can also train once daily with one of the three Team Leaders.)


Pokemon GO PvP special moves and rewards were also mentioned. As you fight, you can use a Fast Attack, use one of a limited number of Protect Shields to defend your Pokemon from an oncoming attack, or spend Candy and Stardust on a Charged Attack. While not all rewards for winning were mentioned, rare Evolution items will be included in the possible spoils. You can also eventually earn an Ace Trainer Medal for participating in battles.


Ultra_League_EN Battle_Action_EN Battle_Code_EN

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Pokemon GO is available for Android and Apple iOS devices.

Jenni Lada
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