Pokemon GO Reaches An Estimated $1.8 Billion In Revenue By Second Anniversary



Pokémon GO fever has settled down in the two years since the game has released, but many fans continue to play the game, and according to the latest estimates, the game has reached $1.8 billion in player spending by the second anniversary. [Thanks, Sensor Tower!]


pogo 2


The countries that have spent the most in Pokemon GO are United States and Japan by far, spending an estimated $607 million and $500 million respectively. Google Play has accounted for 58% of the revenue, with the App Store taking the remaining 42%. Pokemon GO remains in the Top 10 grossing chart for USA, Great Britain, Germany, and Canada, while it sits just outside at #14 for Japan.


Currently, Niantic is preparing for the rollout of the game in China, where it will be partnering with NetEase to release the game in that region.


Pokemon GO is available for iOS and Android.

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