Pokemon GO Update Features Training At Gyms, Real-Time Combat Instead Of Turn-Based



    The Pokémon GO version being used in the ongoing field test was recently updated, adding a few new features to the app, including the ability to train at gyms. [Thanks, Nintendo Everything.]


    Additionally, information leaked from the test indicates that Pokémon GO features real-time combat as opposed to the turn-based battles found in the series.


    Here is some more information from reddit on the updated field test:


    • 3 teams: red, blue, yellow


    • Asked to join one of these three teams


    • Train at friendly gyms


    • Players are paired with random “Computer Player” Pokémon to fight


    • They attack and and you attack back in real time


    • Training is not turn based – it’s an all out brawl


    • In wild encounters, the color of the shrinking circle indicates the difficulty of the catch


    • Starts off as red and then approaches green


    • Green is a higher probability of catch


    • Use the ring to make it more green by feeding the Pokémon berries (allowed only once per encounter) and using a higher level PokeBall


    • Pokémon can become “injured” after training


    • Heal them with a “health spray” (likely a “potion”)


    • Can see each Pokémon’s HP in a bar while battling


    • Hyper Potions and Max Revives are showing up at PokeStops


    • The Gym Leader’s avatar is displayed (large) behind his/her Pokémon at the Gym


    • Other players will see the Gym Leader’s username and their Pokémon/CP when approaching a friendly Gym to train


    • It’s assumed non-friendly Gyms will see the same


    • There is a ‘crown’ for the Gym Leader


    • When you claim a Gym, you select your Pokémon to defend it


    • To Train, you fight that Pokémon with another one of your own Pokémon


    • When starting a training session, a random Pokémon in your team is selected to fight with


    • Can change this by tapping on it in the screen before combat begins


    • In training combat, the opponent’s attacks are shown ‘targeting’ with a red crosshair that closes in on your Pokémon


    • This appears to be so you can decide to ‘dodge’ or take the hit


    • Dodge by swiping left or right


    • Can dodge all the way behind an opponents back if you’re quick enough


    • Attack by tapping (quick attack) or pressing and holding (for the charge attack)


    • There’s a stamina bar of sorts that is broken in two halfs, underneath your HP bar


    • It refills about 20% per second, and appears to be boosted forward when you are hit to refill faster


    • When executing a charge move, it appears to use up 50% of your stamina


    • Types affect damage


    • Ex: “It’s not very effective” message above attacks when water vs. water


    • “It’s super effective” shows when using a type advantage


    Pokemon GO is scheduled to release sometime this year for iOS and Android devices.


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