Pokemon Masters Passes 20 Million Downloads

Pokémon Masters

DeNA tweeted that the free-to-play mobile game Pokemon Masters has passed 20 million downloads worldwide as of January 30, 2020. However, 10 million of them came in its first four days. It took the game almost four months to reach the second 10 million.

Pokemon Masters launched on August 28, 2019. Despite its impressive start, it appeared to fall fast. Just six weeks after release, Satoshi Sasaki, the game’s producer, addressed many issues that fans had with the game and apologized for its lack of content.

Improvements came though and a roadmap was released that outlined the game’s many changes over the next few months. It leads right up until the game’s six-month anniversary in March 2020. An increase in gems received from events soon began as well. Even now, to celebrate the 20 million milestone, players have been sent 1,500 gems as a token of appreciation.

Also added to Pokemon Masters today are Zinnia and Rayquaza, who appear in a new legendary event in which you can add the 5★ legendary Pokemon to your team. A new log-in bonus is also live, during which you can receive up to 4,200 gems over 14 days.

The Professor Kukui and Lycanroc Sync Pair is likely the next new content arriving in the game over the next few days.

Pokemon Masters is available now for Android and iOS devices.

Brian Cooper
Owner of the Japanese Nintendo blog and a gamer since the 1980s with the ZX Spectrum 48k+.