Pokemon Masters Preregistration Begins, Singapore And Canada Soft Launches Announced




Pokemon Masters is one step closer to giving people a new way to be the very best. Pregistration has opened for the game on both Android and Apple iOS devices on Google Play and iTunes. The iTunes page has “expected August 29, 2019” as its release date. However, people in Singapore and Canada won’t have to wait long to play.


The Pokemon Launch soft launch releases in Singapore and Canada will allow people to play a rather basic version of the game. Only some of the features will be available in this preview. People can get their feet wet, start interacting with other sync pairs, and learn to fight. Save data will carry over to the full game. The press release says people in Singapore can begin playing starting “tomorrow.” (The release has a July 23, 2019 date, which means it could appear as early as July 24, 2019.) The Canadian launch “will be coming soon,” according to the press release.


In addition to the Pokemon Masters preregistration period and soft launch information, six new informational videos have been released. You can see each one and the features they cover below.


Here is the Pokemon Masters game overview trailer.



This is the Pokemon Masters Pokemon Battles trailer.



Here is a Pokemon Masters Sync Pairs trailer.



This is the Pokemon Masters moves trailer.



Finally, these are the two-part Pokemon Masters training trailers.



Pokemon Masters will come to Android and Apple iOS devices worldwide in summer 2019. People in Singapore can start playing a preview version on July 24, 2019, with a Canadian preview version arriving “soon.”

Jenni Lada
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