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Kickstarter Begins for the Pokemon-Style, Open World RPG Kindred Fates


Skymill Studios has started a Kickstarter for its upcoming open world, monster battling RPG, Kindred Fates. The company is looking for $60,000 to fund the project for a PC release, with $155,000 stretch goal available to unlock a Nintendo Switch version. Pledges begin at just the $1 mark, with $30 securing you a digital copy of the game.

Kindred Fates’ monsters are called “Kinfolk.” Unlike Pokemon, where most creatures only have a single evolutionary path, every Kinfolk has a tree of branching evolutions. Each evolution is dependent upon either leveling up or meeting special in-game requirements first. A fog has come over the world, and you explore it and rescue Kinfolks’ souls while trying to find out what is going on. You’ll go it alone to save the day, though there will be 1v1 or 2v2 multiplayer and trading options available.

Kindred Fates Arburn

Skymill is putting a lot of stock into the individuality of the Kinfolk. Each Kinfolk is a sentiment being and is able to exercise free will. Treat them well, and they will return the love; treat them badly and they will lose trust in you. Gaining a special bond with your Kinfolk will benefit you and your team in battle. Bonds can be built by playing games with your Kinfolk, sharing a meal, or by winning in combat. Losing, however, will reduce the bond. You also need to be careful when directing them in the real-time battles, as permadeath is in effect.

In addition, the types used in the game don’t only influence the element behind a move. Rather, each one focuses on a certain moveset. As an example, gaia is strong against water and weak against fire. Its characters have attacks that can involve minions. Meanwhile, a fire-type would have hit-and-run and zone-based attacks, be strong against gaia, and be weak against water.

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Kindred Fates has an estimated delivery date of June 2023 for the PC and Nintendo Switch versions, provided the Nintendo Switch version is funded. If you’re looking for a Kickstarter Pokemon-like that is immediately available, Temtem has entered early access.

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