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Pokemon Sword & Shield Expansion Pass Part 1 Arrives June 2020, Part 2 in Fall 2020

Pokemon Sword & Shield Expansion Pass

During today’s Pokemon Direct, Game Freak announced the Pokemon Sword Pokemon Shield Expansion Pass.

The Expansion Pass is split into two parts: The Isle of Armor coming June 2020 and The Crown of Tundra coming Fall 2020.

Part 1: The Isle of Armor

“The Isle of Armor” focuses on the theme of growth. It takes place on the Isle of Armor, a nature-filled area featuring Pokemon not included in Galar.

In this part, you’ll take on the role of an apprentice at a Pokemon dojo under a mentor named Mustard. He’s also Leon’s mentor and was once a Champion himself in the past.

You’ll meet new rivals that are also fellow apprentices. These rivals change based on which version with the Poison-type user Klara for Pokemon Sword‘s Expansion Pass and the Psychic-type Avery in Pokemon Shield’s.

Mustard entrusts you with a new Legendary Pokemon called Kubfu that evolves into Urshifu.

Part 2: The Crown Tundra

Part 2 is “The Crown Tundra” with a theme of exploration. It takes place on another uncharted area of the Galar region. Much like the first part, it also features new Pokemon, set in a snow-swept area. It also features the new Legendary Pokemon Calyrex. You’re appointed as the leader of an exploration team, meaning you’ll gear up and explore snow-swept fields and Pokemon Dens.

The Crown Tundra introduces a new form of co-op play as well. This mode allows you and friends to take on Pokemon Dens found underground, with Legendary Pokemon from past games Dynamaxing before your eyes. Some brand-new Legendary Pokemon will also appear in the Pokemon Dens.

In addition to over a hundred new clothing items, Game Freak says over 200 well-known Pokemon from past entries will appear on The Isle of Armor and in The Crown Tundra.

The Pokemon Sword & Shield Expansion Pass will go for $29.99. You can pre-purchase starting later today.

Pokemon Sword Pokemon Shield are currently available for Nintendo Switch. We’ll have more details for the Expansion Pass soon.

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