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Pokémon X And Pokémon Y Reveal Three New Pokémon


Nintendo and The Pokémon Company have shared a new trailer for Pokémon X and Pokémon Y, showing off new features from the game, such as the new Fairy type and more. Watch it below, and then read on for a rundown of new features.



Sylveon, the newest evolution of Eevee is a Fairy-type Pokémon, Nintendo have revealed. Sylveon can “manipulate its ribbonlike feelers at will and can emit from them an aura that can calm people and other Pokémon”. It can learn Moonblast, a new Fairy-type move, that uses the power of the moon to attack an opponent. In addition to doing damage, it also lowers the opponent’s Attack stat.


Gardevoir, Marill, and Jigglypuff—along with other older Pokémon, presumably—will be reclassified as Fairy-type Pokémon in Pokémon X and Pokémon Y.


Another new Pokémon in the game is the sound wave Pokémon, Noivern. Noivern is a Flying/Dragon-type and is extremely aggressive. It will attack anything that wanders too close to it, and uses the ultrasonic waves it emits from its ears to attack. These are said to be able to turn boulders to pebbles.


Noivern has a Normal-type move called Boomburst during battle that emits an explosive sound, attacking all surrounding Pokémon. However, the attack willl also hit your allies, so it’s a double-edged sword.


Finally, Vivillon is a new Bug/Flying-type. It’s said there’s a secret behind the colourful decorative pattern on its wings, which it can use to create a strong wind to attack with. Vivillon can learn Struggle Bug, a Bug-type move that lowers the Special Attack of opposing Pokémon and also causes damage.


Another new feature in Pokémon X and Pokémon Y is the Pokémon-Amie. You can use the Nintendo 3DS touch screen to interact with Pokémon on your team and this will help build a stronger bond with them. Building this bond will help in future battles.


Pokémon X and Pokémon Y will be released worldwide on October 12th.

Ishaan Sahdev
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