Tekken series producer Katsuhiro Harada had a couple more things to say about Pokkén Tournament in response to enquiring fans over Twitter.


When asked if the game would contain only Fighting-type Pokémon, Harada replied, “Guys, Don’t worry about that. It’s not only Fighting-type.”


Upon being asked if the game would be released internationally, Harada replied, “Considering now.” Presumably, he is referring to an international arcade release, since Pokkén Tournament has not been confirmed for a console release (yet).


When asked whether Pokkén Tournament would be a 1-on-1 fighter or a tag-team fighter, Harada said, “It’s secret. And we have some new ideas.”


Another fan asked if Pokkén Tournament would only consist of fully-evolved Pokémon, and whether Element Types would come into play during battles. To these questions, Harada replied “no” and “no comment” respectively.


And, of course… there’s this:



Pokkén Tournament will be released in Japanese arcades in 2015.


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