Pokémon Company Says More Information Is Coming Soon About Detective Pikachu Movie



    During a recent interview with GamesBeat, The Pokémon Company’s consumer marketing director J.C. Smith spoke about many things Pokémon-related, including the worldwide craze of Pokémon GO as well as the recently-announced Detective Pikachu live-action movie.


    Some have speculated that the discussions of the Detective Pikachu movie were rushed to take advantage of the wildly successful release of Pokémon GO. However, Smith assured that that was far from the case, saying the movie has “been in discussion for a long time.”


    As far as new information on the film goes, Smith didn’t have much to say, but insisted that “people will learn a lot more soon.”


    Below is a look at Smith’s full comments regarding the Detective Pikachu movie’s announcement in relation to Pokémon GO’s release.


    “Yeah, the unfortunate thing about the timing was it did seem like that was the reason. Obviously Hollywood doesn’t work like that. Deals don’t work like that. It’s been in discussion for a long time. For us, I’m glad we were able to announce it. We got a lot of great coverage about it. But it was one of those where there was so much Go news — normally this would be a much bigger piece of the news cycle, but in the end, we’re excited that we’re able to do this. People will learn a lot more soon.”


    To read the entire interview with J.C. Smith, you can go here.


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