Pokémon GO “Nearby” Section Shows Overhauled Features In Niantic Tests



With the newest update that recently came to Pokémon GO, a subset of users are getting to test some new changes Niantic has made to the app’s “Nearby” feature. In some images taken by NeoGAF user Toki767, we get a look at just what all these changes involve.


One of the most notable changes right off the bat is that, if a Pokémon is nearby a PokéStop, an image of that particular Stop will be shown behind them.



Additionally, if you select a Pokémon and press “view,” the game will zoom out and display an overview map, with a pink circle seeming to indicate that Pokémon’s general position.



Also, selecting a Pokémon to track will place a marker on the live map, and you will get a message indicating when a Pokémon you have been tracking has despawned, or “fled.”


pokemon-go-tracking-3 pokemon-go-tracking-4



Pokémon GO is available for iOS and Android devices.