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Pokémon Sun/Moon’s CoroCoro “Scoop” Wasn’t That Big, But Next Months Will Be



CoroCoro previously announced that they’ll begin having special features Pokémon Sun and Moon in their magazines starting April, but the latest issue’s was a bit of a letdown; however, they promise next month’s to be huge scoop. [Thanks, Ruliweb.]


I guess technically, this would be a “world first” scoop on the package cover for Pokémon Sun and Moon, but even the magazine kind of makes fun of itself by saying “what the, we can’t even see any Pokémon!!!!1!1”


While the scoop wasn’t anywhere near as big as we had hoped for, the magazine promises that they’ll have a major scoop for the game sometime next month, so those of you that were waiting on the big CoroCoro reveal will have to do a little more waiting on that.


Pokémon Sun and Moon will release worldwide in holiday season 2016 for Nintendo 3DS.

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