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Positive Signs For Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition On Consoles


Now that Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition is out in the wild in Japan, Street Fighter producer, Yoshinori Ono, is focusing on Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition for the Nintendo 3DS, due for release sometime this year.


That doesn’t mean Ono’s forgotten about the console versions of Super IV, however. He’s been getting an endless number of queries from fans about content from the Arcade Edition for months, and mentioned at the possibility of a downloadable update as far back as October, when he submitted a written proposal to the concerned authorities at Capcom.


Unsurprisingly, it appears as though the necessary arrangements for a downloadable update have all fallen into place. Ono’s gleefully been sending winks and smileys to everyone that asks him about the Arcade Edition over Twitter lately.


“Heheheheee about AE!!” he replied to one follower, who reminded him of the matter on New Year’s Eve. “Hehehe, We are developing SSFIV for Nintendo 3DS just now. Next, we will be….. ;D” he teased, in reply to another tweet, also asking about Arcade Edition DLC.


Additionally, PC gamers still hoping for a port of Super Street Fighter IV may not be completely out of luck either. This is a dicier subject than the Arcade Edition, since different people from Capcom have addressed it with a range of statements, going from an outright “Not happening” to “We’re trying.”


Ono’s latest statement on this front, when pointed to a petition for a PC version of Super IV on Capcom’s community hub was, “I know it. I’m trying it. Plz wait it’s news.”


Capcom’s U.S. office is in charge of Street Fighter, so if there’s anyone Ono has to convince, it’s them. Naturally, the prospect of greenlighting a conversion for a piracy-prone platform is a little harder than signing off a proposal for making more money through DLC.

Ishaan Sahdev
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