Pre-order the Raihan and Duraludon Pokemon Scale World Statue Now

Raihan Duraludon Pokemon Scale World Bandai Spirits

Pre-orders for the Raihan and Duraludon Pokemon Scale World statue are now open. Originally teased in promotional artwork that came with the pre-order opening for Galar region Water-Type Gym Leader Nessa, Raihan has now been officially revealed. Like other Pokemon Scale World figures that are part of the Bandai Spirits collection, Raihan will come with a signature Pokemon, that being Duraludon. This statue set is a little more expensive than Nessa and will cost ¥4,500 or roughly $41. You can expect the Raihan and Duraludon statues to ship sometime in December 2020. [Thanks, Famitsu!]

Other trainers and Pokemon in the current lineup include characters and Pokemon from games like Pokemon Red and Blue and Gold and Silver. A handful of other Galar region Gym Leaders have been teased since the announcement of the Pokemon Scale World Bandai Spirits series. This includes Ghost-Type Gym Leader Allister, Fighting-Type Gym Leader Bea, and Galar region Champion Leon. However, no official announcement for those statues have been made. You can check out images of the Raihan and Duraludon statue below.

Pokemon Sword and Shield is available on the Nintendo Switch. The Isle of Armor expansion is now available. The Pokemon Scale World Raihan and Duraludon statue set will launch sometime in December 2020.

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