Preorders Begin for New Premium Gasha Portraits Evangelion Figures

Gasha Portraits Evangelion Figures Banner

Bandai has announced a second limited edition Premium Bandai Gasha Portraits series featuring figures of Rei Ayanami, Asuka Langley, and Mari Illustrious from the Evangelion theatrical release. This is a limited edition figure set commemorating the release of the new Rebuild of Evangelion movie, Evangelion 3.0 + 1.0. The official product title is “GashaPortraits Shin Evangelion Movie Version Special SET02”. Japanese preorders start today, March 8, 2021, on the Premium Bandai online store, with figures shipping in October 2021. The three figure set will cost ¥6,600 (about $60). [Thanks, Hobby Watch!]

The premium version of the Gasha Portraits series improves upon the previous iteration, touching up on the figures by using better quality materials. For example, this set will feature a noticeably glossier finish on the figures as well as slightly different poses for each of the characters. Figures will stand at around 125mm tall. In addition, the set will also come with special “stone” stands to place the figures on.

Here are a few screenshots of the figures that come in the set:

You can purchase the Gasha Portraits figure set at the Premium Bandai official product page, as well as the official Evangelion online merch store. Additionally, the Evangelion merch storefront also offers the original Gashapon versions in a randomized box of nine figures for ¥4,950 (about $45). However, there is a rare chance that you might not get one of each figure. The randomized box set will ship in June 2021.

Evangelion 3.0 + 1.0 was released in theatres today, March 8, 2021. Good Smile Company also recently released two new Evangelion figures featuring Shinji and Kaworu in yukata.


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