Project X Zone 2 Screenshots Show A First Look At Segata Sanshiro And Others

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We recently reported how Project X Zone 2 just got more badass with a playable Segata Sanshiro. Famitsu’s latest on the game shares a first look at the Sega Saturn marketing character and others.


Zephyr & Vashyron (Pair Unit from Resonance of Fate):



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Leanne (Solo Unit from Resonance of Fate):



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Segata Sanshiro (Solo Unit, from Sega):



l_55e842e69372d l_55e842e69f68e


Captain Commando (Solo Unit from Captain Commando):



l_55e842e6e9a35 l_55e842e70a3cc


June Lin Milliam (Solo Unit from Star Gladiator):



l_55e842e7606d3 l_55e842e747096


Heihachi Mishima(Solo Unit from Tekken):



l_55e842e7a2166 l_55e842e795e19


Baby Bonnie Hood (Solo Unit from Darkstalkers):



l_55e842e7ce851 l_55e842e7dc30e


Next is a look at some of the villains.


Shadow (from Space Channel 5):



l_55e842e81ff4f l_55e842e812492


Zagi (from Tales of Vesperia):



l_55e842e84e961 l_55e842e85c037


Azure Kite (from .hack):



l_55e842e895df8 l_55e842e88833a

Project X Zone 2 will release in Japan on November 12, 2015 for Nintendo 3DS.

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