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Proper Pokémon Black & White Screens


    No new information, unfortunately, but we do have proper screens now of Pokémon Black / White, instead of terrible magazine scans. There have been a few popular observations floating around on the Internet since the CoroCoro scans leaked, which I’ll list after the gallery.


    image image image image image image


    • The technology in Black & White (the PC at the Pokémon Center, for instance) looks older than in the newer games, which means this might be set in the past.
    • The nurse in the Pokémon Center has brown hair, so it isn’t Nurse Joy. This lends some credibility to the theory that Black & White take place in the past, perhaps before the Joy lineage found their calling. That, or they take place in a completely different land that perhaps isn’t based on Japan.
    • On the other hand, you now have cars, which haven’t appeared before, so maybe this is the future instead?
    • The screenshot with Zoruo and Zoroarc battling has a line of buildings in the background. There’s also an ocean around the city itself.
    • The player’s Pokémon is now displayed in full during battle.
    • The rocks in the cave appear electromagnetic.
    • The dialogue box is now in the shape of a speech bubble.
    Ishaan Sahdev
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