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PS2-Themed PS5 Orders Canceled Due to Threats to Company Safety

PS2-themed PS5 canceled

The company behind the PS2-themed PS5 consoles and DualSense controllers, SUP3R5, announced via Twitter that all orders will be canceled. The company stated that it has been receiving threats to the team’s safety, leading to the decision to cancel all orders. SUP3R5 will issue full refunds to its customers.

It’s been a difficult time for SUP3R5 over the past 24 hours. The PS2-themed PS5s and DualSense controllers were unofficial retro designs offered in limited quantities. The company was only going to produce 304 consoles and 500 controllers. However, the process did not go as expected when preorders went live on January 8, 2021. Demand was high enough that customers had trouble placing orders. Many customers had payment issues where they were charged, but received no confirmation email. The difficult preorder situation lead SUP3R5 to make an official apology on Twitter after the fact. The company asked consumers to give it “a second chance to prove ourselves.” Ten hours later, SUP3R5 made the announcement it was canceling and refunding all orders due to threats to the team’s safety.

After canceling all orders, SUP3R5 promised in its Twitter posts that it will refund all PS2-themed PS5 and controller orders. We will keep you updated on any further developments.

Oni Dino
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