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PS5 Demon’s Souls Remake Contains Secret Door Not in Original Title

PS5 Demon's Souls Remake

Players of the newly released Demon’s Souls remake for the PS5 title have encountered a mysterious door. As of this writing, the nature of the door has yet to be revealed.

The door is located behind an illusory wall at the end of an alley way in the Tower Knight Archstone area of the game. In Souls games, illusory walls are walls that disappear and reveal new areas when attacked. This particular illusory wall was not present in the original PS3 version of Demon’s Souls, leading players to suspect that there’s something significant in play. Beyond that, interacting with the door leads to a message that says, “It appears to be locked.” Typically, this means there’s a mechanism that will open the door rather than a key.

Using the game’s photo mode, a reddit user called Cosmic-Vagabond was able to sneak a peek at what lies on the other side. The door, apparently, leads to a terrace. On that terrace is what appears to be a dead knight with a small, glowing orb on it. In Demon’s Souls, orbs like this represent items.

Demon’s Souls on the PS5 is a consistently faithful remake of the original title, but the developer in charge of the remake, Bluepoint Games, has been known to add secrets to remakes before. The company’s remake of Shadow of the Colossus, for example, also contained a secret door.

Demon’s Souls is now available for the PlayStation 5.

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