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PSO2 New Genesis Retem Update Characters, Story, and Gameplay Shown Off

PSO2 New Genesis Update Chapter 2 Gameplay, Characters Shown Off

The PSO2 New Genesis Sandstorm Requiem update that will add things like the Retem area, chapter 2 of the story, new characters, new enemies and new skills is on the way. However, people can get a peek at it now. The latest headline broadcast appeared. It went over what folks can expect in November 2021, but also detailed things coming in the Winter update in December 2021.

First, the main highlight of Sandstorm Requiem will be a new area. Retem, an area with mountains and deserts, will appear. You’ll head there as part of PSO2 New Genesis chapter 2, and meet new characters like Nadereh, Jalil, and Mohsen. Your goal is to help them with fighting in the area. It will be a dangerous spot. That’s where the Fortos Laser, Fortos Launcher, and Lizentos bosses lurk. There will also be Metius to encounter.

The following new skills will also appear for different classes.

  • Bouncers get Blade Arts Parry.
  • Bravers get Brave Spirit
  • Fighters get Dagger Spin Axle.
  • Forces get Technique Domination.
  • Gunners get Rising Drive.
  • Hunters get Sword Arts Change Avenger.
  • Rangers get Spread Shot Wide Range.
  • Techters get Overemphasis.

Here’s the full PSO2 New Genesis Headline going over the Sandstorm Requiem update that adds Retem and new characters.

Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis is available to play worldwide on the Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC. The PSO2 New Genesis Sandstorm Requiem update is expected to launch in December 2021 and

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