Next week’s Xbox Live Arcade update is all about puzzles. Why waste releasing Duke Nukem 3D while everyone is sorting through the E3 hype? Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords will join the small selection of Arcade Hits and cost 33% less or $10 real US money. Alternatively, you can spend 800 Microsoft Points ($10) on Coffeetime Crosswords this Wednesday. Penny Press packed 150+ puzzles and co-op online play to create an Xbox Live Arcade puzzle game. Crossword puzzles with a controller? Coffeetime Crosswords better support the Xbox 360 keyboard attachment.


Buku Sudoku players get the best deal, a free puzzle pack with 1,200 new Sudoku challenges to solve. Unlike Coffeetime Crosswords, the Buku Sudoku pack is available now.


Images courtesy of D3 Publisher.

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