The metroidvania seems to be everywhere. You won’t be stretched to find one these days especially if you’re looking in indie game spaces. And while Rabi-Ribi may be yet another one to add to the numbers it does stand out on account of its bunny girls.


Heading to us straight from Taiwan, Rabi-Ribi has you playing as Erina, who was once a normal bunny, but one day found herself suddenly taking on a human form and in an unknown place. You have to venture out from this starting position with pink-haired fairy companion Ribbon to find out why Erina has been turned human as well as find her home.


Being a bunny girl, Erina is able to tumble and bounce around, useful for jumping up to high ledges and evading enemies. But this isn’t a game about dodging: Erina excels in close combat while Ribbon provides support with her long-range attacks. The creators of Rabi-Ribi claim that the game has some bullet hell elements too so expect your bullet dodging skills to be tested.


At the moment, Rabi-Ribi has been Greenlit but is currently on Indiegogo where its creators are looking to raise $20,000 in order to get the game finished by early 2016.

Chris Priestman

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