Red Ash Console News Coming Soon


Comcept’s spiritual successor to Mega Man Legends, Red Ash, has a main theme composed by Manami Matsumae, who is working on this game as well, following her duties on Mighty No. 9. You can listen to the theme below.



Matsumae shared the following comment on her main theme for Red Ash:


I first saw the materials for Red Ash in late May, and I was asked to compose the theme song. As soon as I saw the concept, I thought “Wow, some stylish Jazz tunes would go really well with this!” and everyone replied “Really!? We were thinking the same thing!” They left it up to me to freely compose the music I wanted to write. They really didn’t ask for anything specific, and just said “We want a really catchy melody!”


Unlike the near future feel of Mighty’s music, it’s more difficult to compose Jazzy tunes with catchy melodies, but I came up with some pleasant chord progressions fairly quickly. From there, the melody almost wrote itself. It’s very different from what I’ve written up until now, and I love it! I hope everyone enjoys this song as well; it would make me really happy!


Additionally, on the same update that they revealed the main theme, Comcept also stated that news regarding the console ports of Re Ash will be shared soon.

Ishaan Sahdev
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