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Red From Transistor Joins The Cast Of Indivisible



Lab Zero has revealed that Red from Supergiant Games’s action-RPG Transistor will be an Incarnation in Indivisible. She is the final crossover character to be revealed.


On top of that, a couple more non-crossover Incarnations have also been revealed over on the Indivisible Indiegogo campaign.





“A cheeky thief with a flare for theatrics, Kampan is a burglar like no other. Her agility and bravado, along with the sheer destructive force of her arm, have earned her the nickname "Iron Mouse" among Tai-Krung City authorities.


Originally a pickpocket trying to support her starving family, Kampan was arrested and pressed into service as a laborer at an Iron Kingdom ore processing facility. As an expendable prisoner, she was chosen to participate in a demonstration of the prototype new mining equipment under development there. However, the disastrous outcome of several test runs brought an abrupt end to the project, and the "unstable" arm was never completed.


Upon liberating herself – and the prototype – from the facility, Kampan took a keen interest in its inner workings. Using bits and pieces scavenged during her larcenous adventures, she’s built the once-abandoned arm into a powerful tool and continues to improve upon it. “




“His entire life, Kogi has been entranced by the artistry of cooking: succulent meats, fine stews, the exquisite balancing of subtle spices. Ever since childhood, becoming a master chef was the subject of his every daydream – the perfect savory marinade for the sliced beef of his existence.

But it seemed cooking was not to be Kogi’s fate. Born into a proud warrior family, duty required he be brought up a fighter. Yet even as he tirelessly trained, mastering the fierce strikes and developing the unyielding stamina required to triumph in battle, he quietly dreamt of applying those same skills in the kitchen.

Finally, his training completed and unable to lie to himself any longer, Kogi chose to follow his heart.  With only his homemade cleaver, indestructible wok, and a garlic necklace to ward off spirits, he abandoned his family to pursue his true calling.  Now a vagabond chef who applies the intense techniques of battle to cooking – with mixed results – Kogi continues his Flavor Quest:  a globe-spanning journey to seek out and challenge the finest chefs and discover new tastes.”

Chris Priestman