Relax in the Manor With Identity V Miniature Figures


Good Smile Company will release six Identity V characters as non-scale trading figures. The “Moe Moe Pet” miniature collectibles are open for pre-order from April 27 to June 16. They will release in August 2021. They will cost 1335 JPY (around $12.30) each, which means the entire box of six characters will cost 8010 JPY (around $73.60).

The characters receiving merchandise made of them are: Lucky Guy, Seer, Mercenary, Mind’s Eye, Photographer, and Bloody Queen. The figures are small, standing at approximately 55 to 70 millimeters in height. Additionally, buying a boxset guarantees all six varieties included.

Not only are the characters’ chibi designs similar to the in-game pets, but they are also wearing animal kigurumi. The Seer is wearing a white owl similar to the one that he uses in-game. As well, Bloody Queen’s kigurumi is so fanciful that at first glance, it looks like her usual billowing dress.

You can view more pictures of the Moe Moe Pet Identity V figures here:

Recently, NetEase revealed that the Toy Merchant will appear as a new Survivor in Identity V. As well, a Death Note collaboration event will appear sometime in early summer 2021. Interested players can obtain two Crossover Essences for free before the event launches by scanning a QR code and linking their player ID.

The Good Smile Company Identity V Moe Moe Pet miniature trading figures are open for pre-order until June 16, and ship out in August 2021.

Stephanie Liu
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