Republique Developer Discusses PC And Android Release


You may recall that Republique, the indie stealth game from Camouflaj, was meant to be released on both iOS devices as well as PC. The game’s first episode was released for iOS late last year, with Episode 2 following in April 2014. Meanwhile, the PC version will be released in the near future, according to an update sent out to backers.


In an update sent out to the game’s Kickstarter backers today, Camouflaj touched upon the development of Republique Episode 3 (of a total of 5 episodes) and addressed the game’s PC (Steam) port as well.


According to Camouflaj, “the entire Camouflaj dev team” is working on the Steam version of the game, and flew in UI designer Yusuke Ikewada from Japan in an effort to make the game feel like a native experience on PC and Mac. Beta keys will be sent out to PC backers at the end of August, and the beta version is meant to be a work-in-progress release during which Camouflaj will test out various graphical features and UI tweaks for the PC port.


Meanwhile, the development of Episode 3 is chugging along as well, with about a month of production to go until the episode is completed. Alongside the PC/Mac version of Republique, development on Episode 3 has been ongoing since the start of May. The final recording session for Episode 3 is about to begin in Los Angeles, and the episode is just days away from alpha status.


Finally, Camouflaj also discuss the possibility of an Android release for Republique. The developer says Amazon reached out to them to arrange a port of the game for their Fire Phone. As a result, Camouflaj have partnered with Amazon and developer Darkwind Media to produce a version of Republique that runs the Fire Phone as well as the Kindle Fire HDX. Additionally, Darkwind is also going to be handling the Android port of Republique, and news on this front will be shared in the future.


“There’s a world of difference of shipping on two devices (Fire Phone/Kindle Fire HDX) than the myriad of Google Play-supported hardware, but it’s definitely something we want to do,” says designer Ryan Payton. He adds, “I think we just want to have a good plan for a wider Android release, while not losing focus on EP3 and PC. But yeah, expect more news on that soon, as we know how many players have been asking for the game on Google Play.”

Ishaan Sahdev
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