Resident Evil 2 Remake Leon and Claire Action Figures Come in Classic Costumes

Resident Evil 2 Remake Leon Claire Figure

DAMTOYS is releasing a new version of its Resident Evil 2 Remake Leon and Claire action figures, this time featuring both characters in their original costumes. In addition to removable clothing, the 1/6 scale action figures will also include guns and iconic items from the game. Pre-orders are currently open, with each figure costing ¥32,000 (about $233). Both figures will ship sometime in Late 2022. [Thanks, 4Gamer!]

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The Leon figure is based on a previously released action figure that Nauts and DAMTOYS released back in 2020. The previous version of the figure featured the character in his default outfit from Remake. Similarly, Claire is also getting a default figure in the near future. Much like the latest release, those figures have over 30 points of movement and posability, as well as a variety of weapons and items to hold.

Each figure will come with a different set of weapons. Leon, for example, will come with Matilda and the M19 handgun with removable stock, magazine, and muzzle brake, as well as the W870 shotgun, LE5 machine gun, grenades, and combat knives. Unlike the standard figure, however, Leon’s classic version will come with the ATM-4 rocket launcher rather than the standard Anti-tank Rocket.

Claire, on the other hand, comes with the SLS 60 handgun with a speed loader and reinforced frame, Quickdraw Army and JMB Hp3 handguns, MQ 11 submachine gun with a suppressor and magazine, GM79 grenade launcher, grenades, and combat knives. Claire’s classic figure will also come with the ATM-4. Furthermore, both figures will include items such as the four keys from the RPD building, first aid spray, a flashlight, and an assortment of ammo boxes.

The Resident Evil 2 Remake Leon and Claire figures are available for pre-order via the Nauts website. Each figure costs ¥32,000 (about $233) and will ship sometime in Late 2022.

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