Resident Evil 25th Anniversary Website Details History of the Series

Resident Evil 25th Anniversary

Capcom has updated the Resident Evil Portal website to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the series. Consumers can now find a detailed breakdown of the history of the series, and access information about mainline titles in the Resident Evil franchise. Additionally, the website reveals that special Resident Evil 25th anniversary merchandise is on the way. However, this information has yet to be detailed in full.

The Resident Evil Portal website now functions as a platform to access all Resident Evil series information easily. This includes access to the Resident Evil Ambassador program, and linking Capcom IDs to Resident The website effectively serves as the main hub for consumers to link their Capcom IDs for ease of access. Consumers can now find individual links to the dedicated pages for individual entries in the franchise as well.

Additionally, there are pages dedicated to players sharing their experience with the franchise to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Resident Evil series. The Resident Evil Portal website is currently holding a Special Fan campaign, which involves tweeting your favorite memories about the series with the #REBH25th hashtag.

Capcom recently shared new information regarding the PC specs for Resident Evil Village. This includes both the minimum and recommended specs. This includes the requirements for enabling ray-tracing.

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