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Resident Evil 6’s “Wesker Jr.” Is Jake Muller, A Gun For Hire


If you watched the latest trailer for Resident Evil 6, you’ll notice a lady that looks like Ada Wong referring to one of the game’s new characters as “Wesker Jr.” This character, Capcom say, is named Jake Muller, and yes, he’s Wesker’s son. Muller is a gun for hire and is joined by Sherry Birkin, who you might remember from Resident Evil 2.


While there was never really any doubt that Resident Evil 6 would include a Mercenaries mode, Capcom officially confirmed that one will be included this morning. We also have more details on zombies.


Zombies, which are making a return in Resident Evil 6, will be able to run, jump and use weapons. The previously revealed J’avo creatures will have the ability to regenerate when injured, and will also be able to mutate damaged body parts into various different forms, which the player will have to adapt to.


As far as multiplayer goes, as you may already be aware, Resident Evil 6 will feature both co-op and versus multiplayer, locally and online. For now, Capcom aren’t confirming how many players will be able to play together, and the press release only mentions 1-2 players. This will probably be announced at a later date.


Capcom are also providing localized voiceovers for Resident Evil 6. The game will include voiceovers in English, French, Italian, German and Spanish, and subtitles in Japanese, Russian, Polish, Brazilian and Portuguese.


Resident Evil 6 has a new release date—October 2nd, 2012 on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. A PC release will follow at a later date.


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