Rise To The Top In Digimon World Re:Digitize’s DigiTower


The DigiTower is the central location of File Island and of your adventures in Digimon World Re:Digitize. It not only houses your training facilities, but also the coliseum, where you can partake in various types of battles. With each victory, you climb higher in the tower, and your goal is the top.


There’s 1 vs. 1, Tag battles, Tournament-styled battles, and Survival battles.


You can also talk to people in the various areas within the tower. Talk to them and they’ll challenge you to a battle, sometimes with unfair odds. If you win, though, you gain much more recognition for having beaten them despite the disadvantage.


All the players in the DigiTower are those accessing the game from the real world. Most of the characters are of the generic kind, but there are two that attract particular attention. The first is Tekken’s Lili, as previously reported. Usually, she spends her time in street fights, but she’s recently gotten interested in the online game “Digital Monsters”. Her favorite “cute” Digimon, named Catherine, is a Numemon, but she also has a Monzaemon.


The second is Sebastian, Lili’s faithful butler. He follows Lili’s lead and persistently chases the protagonist for battles. Even if you try to avoid Lili, you’ll just end up getting challenged by her butler instead. Sebastian prefers to use Angemon in battles.


Other Digimon announced for the game are Devimon, HolyAngemon, and Chaosmon. The status effect Crystallization also makes a return. It basically renders your Digimon defenseless, attackless, and 3D-less. The creators of the game urge players to try to see their Digimon’s LCD art at least once.


Digimon World Re:Digitize will be released on July 19 in Japan. Oh, and here’s the game’s cover art: