Christmas Comes Early to Romancing SaGa Re;univerSe (Update)

romancing saga re universe christmas

Update: In the article we mentioned S Flurry doesn’t get drop bonuses in the event stages. That’s a bug, and the team has confirmed it will be fixed today. To compensate, all of the event dates are extended by an extra day.

It looks like events will be running in Romancing SaGa Re;univerSe in the same order they did in the game’s original Japanese release. This is actually really funny, because the game launched in Japan in December 2018, only a few days before the holidays. It’s the tail end of June, but the Romancing SaGa Re;univerSe Christmas event is still running full steam ahead. With a little goofy flavor text to justify it in the story, the “new” mobile game’s first major event is now underway. As you’d expect for a holiday-themed event, there’s a special banner with Christmas-themed characters, and a miniature storyline with unique item drops and rewards. The event is scheduled to run from now until July 11, 2020 at 20:59 EDT. After that point, the banner and stages will close, but you’ll still be able to turn in your exchange items until  July 25.

The banner adds two new SS Styles, [Don’t Tell My Brother] Monika and [Let’s Pretend Tonight] Julian. There’s also one S and one A, which are [Returning Your Kindness] Azami and [I Flew Straight Over] Windie respectively. This banner has boosted rates for these characters, as well as a once a day special for paying users that costs 100 paid gems. These characters can all interact with the normal Style versions, and vice-verse for things like inheriting skills. This banner also gets its own version of the summon medals you get from pulls, so if you’re persistent and unlucky enough you can still walk away with one or both of the SS styles.

The event’s story, Monika’s Christmas Operation, is all about Monika trying to spread Christmas cheer to impoverished children. Of course she’s doing so with an army of sentient snowmen. Playing through the stages nets you presents, which can in turn be exchanged for various rewards. That includes a new S Style, [The Ultimate Santa Claus] Flurry. Depending on which styles you have, you can get a boosted present drop rate.

You’ll get a 50% bonus for the two new SS Styles, 20% for the other two, and 10% for the normal versions of those characters. The drop boosts stack, so filling your party up with Monika, Julian, and company is a good idea. These characters also get double stat point gains here, with the exception of the free S Flurry everyone got when the game launched. Stats are super important of course, so this is a great time to build these characters up fast if you have them.

Romancing SaGa Re;univerSe is currently available for compatible mobile devices.

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