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RPG Maker MV Player Coming To Nintendo Switch On January 10, 2019


rpgmaker mv trinity

Kadokawa Games revealed that RPG Maker MV Player is coming to the Nintendo Switch on January 10, 2019, that is, tomorrow in Japan.


The Player is a free piece of digital software that allows players to search up and download other people’s created works within RPG Maker MV Trinity. Searching can be done via code, and there are also popularity rankings where you can find popular user-made RPGs (or other genres of games made with the engine).


Additionally, Kadokawa reaffirmed that they will continue to work on and update RPG Maker MV Trinity. The software initially came out to a multitude of user complaints, such as freezing or corrupted save data issues among others. This may have led to the delay of the Western release of RPG Maker MV Trinity.


RPG Maker MV is immediately available on the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch in Japan. The Xbox One version was delayed to Winter 2019 in Japan. It now has a general 2019 release window outside of Japan.

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