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Free RPG Maker MV, Pixel Game Maker, And Visual Novel Maker Week Begins On Steam

By Jenni . March 13, 2019 . 10:30am

People can enjoy free RPG Maker MV, Pixel Game Maker, And Visual Novel Maker access via Steam until March 19, 2019, with discounts available if people enjoy the software and want to own it permanently.

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RPG Maker MV Will Not Be Releasing On Xbox One

By Sato . March 11, 2019 . 12:00am

RPG Maker MV was expected to release for Xbox One in Japan sometime in Winter 2019 after it was delayed past the PS4 and Switch releases, but now Kadokawa Games announced that it has been cancelled.

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RPG Maker MV’s Initial Offerings Can Test The Creator’s Flexibility

By Jenni . March 5, 2019 . 12:00pm

RPG Maker MV Player is immediately available in Japan. While it has some bugs, it can still be a useful way to find some easily playable games and test things out ahead of the worldwide release.

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Japanese Version Of RPG Maker MV Player Has An English Translation

By Jenni . January 10, 2019 . 10:00am

The free RPG Maker MV Player released on the Japanese Nintendo Switch eShop offers English text for all of its menus, allowing people to search through games already made by Japanese players.

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RPG Maker MV Player Coming To Nintendo Switch On January 10, 2019

By Alistair . January 9, 2019 . 9:30am

Kadokawa Games revealed that RPG Maker MV Player is coming to the Nintendo Switch tomorrow in Japan. The Player allows users to search up RPGs made and shared by other users.

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RPG Maker MV Delayed Outside Japan By NIS America

By Jenni . January 4, 2019 . 6:30am

It turns out RPG Maker MV will not be coming to consoles in February 2019.

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This Week In Sales: Hey! Ho! Let’s Go!

By Sato . November 23, 2018 . 11:00am

Last week in Japan, fans formed in straight lines and were revved up and ready to go with the release of Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! & Let’s Go, Eevee!.

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This Week In Imports: Let’s Go Make Some RPGs!

By Alistair . November 11, 2018 . 5:30pm

Japan is getting two very different RPG experiences, with the latest Pokemon games forgoing wild Pokemon battles entirely, while RPG Maker MV is getting its console release ahead of the West.

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RPG Maker MV For Adds Various Functions And QoL Improvements For Consoles

By Sato . November 6, 2018 . 12:30am

RPG Maker MV is coming to consoles this February in the West, but Japan is getting it in a little over a week for PS4 and Switch. The official website provided more info on its adjustments made for console.

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Create Your Own Games On Consoles With RPG Maker MV In February 2019

By Jenni . September 1, 2018 . 8:00pm

NIS America says it is bringing RPG Maker MV to the west in February 2019.

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RPG Maker MV Trailer Shows The Possibilities Of Making Your Dream RPG

By Sato . August 22, 2018 . 3:00am

NIS America shared the latest trailer for the upcoming PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch version of RPG Maker MV with a focus on how you’ll get to make your dream RPG.

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RPG Maker MV Gets A Fancy Opening Movie For Its Upcoming Console Version

By Sato . August 7, 2018 . 12:30am

Kadokawa Games shared the opening movie for RPG Maker MV’s upcoming PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch version, featuring its cover characters.

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Overlord Anime Gets An Official RPG Made With RPG Maker MV, And It Is Available For Free

By Sato . August 1, 2018 . 2:30am

Overlord kicked off Season 3 of its anime earlier this month, and to commemorate the occasion, Kadokawa Games released an RPG made with RPG Maker MV, and it is free to check out.

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RPG Maker MV For Consoles Will Only Have Game Data Sharing Between Switch And Xbox One

By Sato . July 25, 2018 . 12:30am

It’s been revealed that the RPG Maker MV for consoles, titled RPG Maker MV Trinity in Japan, will release on November 15 for PS4, Xbox One, and Switch with data-sharing between Switch and Xbox.

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Caligula Effect, RPG Maker MV, Princess Guide Limited Editions Available For Pre-Order

By Sato . July 6, 2018 . 3:30pm

NIS America had three new localizations to announce with The Caligula Effect: Overdose, RPG Maker MV, and The Princess Guide in the West, and they all have limited edition versions available for pre-order.

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