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RPGMaker MV Trinity Gets Six New Contest Winner Sample Games


Earlier this week, Kadokawa Games released six contest winning RPG titles by the community as new sample games for RPGMaker MV Player. These games can be downloaded via the game player. [Thanks, 4Gamer!]


Check them out below:


A pure gun shooting action game created in the engine by terunon. The game runs on pure event commands and don’t feature any traditional RPG battle encounters.

PS4 ID: 437    Switch ID: 377


Grand Sunset

An RPG by Kazuho Shintani, based on the traditional premise of defeating a demon lord in its castle. However, rather than being the hero of the journey, you’re a novice guide at the popular Demon Lord’s Castle tourist attraction, years after the defeat of the demon lord.

PS4 ID: 438    Switch ID: 378


Lottery of Destruction

After drawing a gold winning ball at a shady lottery stall, you wake up in another world with no memory aside from how you got here. Just what happened, what is this place, and just what have you forgotten?

Created by Photoshop Professional

PS4 ID: 439    Switch ID: 379


Kanzen Chou-aku Momotarondo

By Kei Shitsudo

The mysterious young man Momota has infiltrated the demon lord’s castle in order to defeat the demon lord, but is swiftly defeated. In the process, he accidentally scatters his Kibi Dango magical items that can turn animals into beastfolk, called Anima. A comedic journey of humans, animals, and Anima is about to unfold.

PS4 ID: 440    Switch ID: 380


New Lands Memoir

By Douraku

The player must command multiple parties of characters in order to complete the dungeon. The story takes place on an island that mysteriously appeared in the middle of the ocean, and follows the adventurers who try to uncover its secrets while avoiding deadly traps.

PS4 ID: 441    Switch ID: 381


A Liar’s Noblesse Oblige

By kuro

The story of a pair of siblings cursed with lies and bad luck, and their journey to retake what is theirs. Converse with other folk around town, learn new skills mid-battle, and reach a variety of different endings.

PS4 ID: 442    Switch ID: 382


RPG Maker MV is immediately available on the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch in Japan. The Xbox One version was delayed to Winter 2019 in Japan. It now has a general 2019 release window outside of Japan.

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