RPG Maker MV Shows How You Can Make Better-Looking Games With Its New Features



The recently announced RPG Maker MV is the latest installment of the RPG-making series that allows designers to create their own games. 4Gamer details some of the new features that will increase the overall quality of games made through RPG Maker MV.


As previously reported, RPG Maker MV is a multiplatform engine that can make games for PC, Mac, iOS, Android, and HTML5 games. This will also be the series first time since its beginning in March 1997 with RPG Maker 95 that it will also be available to use on Mac devices, too.


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Up until now, RPG Maker mostly featured front-view battles, but RPG Maker MV will add a side-view option for the first time.


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Now that you’ll get to make games for smartphone and tablet, that means the engine will support touch screen controls. You’ll get to simply travel with your party in the game by pressing a part of the screen and they’ll go there. Additionally, if you make something for PC, it’ll support mouse control along with keyboard or gamepad options.



Previously, RPG Maker’s database consisted of up to 999 items for things like skills, items, weapons, armor, enemy characters, and enemy groups. Thist ime around, you’ll have more to play with, with a new maximum of 2,000 items.


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Previously, transparent parts made through upper-level tiles were displayed, but you could not replace them. RPG Maker MV’s program automatically switches between the upper and lower parts, so you can easily make three-layered presentations.


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And finally, the above is a comparison between RPG Maker VX Ace (to the left) that had a 544×416 resolution, and a look at RPG Maker MV’s 816×624 resolution. Walking characters and other items have gone from a basic size of 32×32 to 48×48.


Most sizes have increased by 1.5 times, meaning you’ll now get a better display of animation and visuals.


RPG Maker MV will release later this year for PC and Mac.

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